Isola San Giorgio al TramontoHave you ever landed in Venice with a true Venetian? Have you ever tried the experience to get lost in your orientation, to discover small traditional places to have food and a glass of wine?

Have you ever gone hiking through the Alps with a local conosseur, discovering hidden jewels of the Nature and tasting the best cheese in the local old-syle malghe?

Have you ever tasted the wonderful fish from the Mediterranean sea on a roof terrace in Venice or in the very heart of Venetian lagoon, together with an Orchestra conductor or with a fashion designer or with a passionate Wine producer?

Have you ever gone horseriding or biking through the hills in Tuscany or in Valpolicella, visiting an historical vineyard host by the noble family who owns the maison?

_MG_4635Have you ever walked in the dawn light through a pine wood in the Alps or on a breathtaking seaside in Sardinia?


Would you ever imagine to walk in the shoes of a local, sharing experiences that are open only to friends?


We don’t want you to buy an holiday-to-go.

We want to give you the opportunity to live your unique experience and to share the authentic lifestye of Italian bonne vivants.


Do you want to become The Unpredictable Traveler?

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